Latest updates never complete - hangs on sysadmin

for me these included

freepbx ARI framework
freepbx framework
system admin ***
parking lot

update hangs on Untarring sysadmin
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finally just closed the window and applied changes - no ill effects thus far

note this was not a distro but hand rolled and sysadmin installed per freepbx docs

Sounds like a hand rolling problem. We dont officially support any commercial modules on anything but the FreePBX Distro.

You can always provide more information for us by running

amportal a dbug

and then doing what you did before

doesn’t sound much like a hand rolling issue with the other issues I see posted , anyway I’ll try to do some testing on it this weekend

All the other issues are people on php 5.1 or 5.2 which we were never really supporting in FreePBX 2.11. What version of php are you using.

Secondly their issues were all with framework breaking the GUI that they could not log in. Your issue was with sysadmin and updating it which is only officially supported on FreePBX Distro and not any other setup .

I can confirm that, on a FreePBX Distro (4.211.64-10), sysadmin module update (from to went flawlessly.

I just noticed only few PHP-NOTICE messages just while updating dahdiconfig (from 2.11.28 to 2.11.29):

Untaring…Module dahdiconfig successfully downloaded
[2014-Jan-10 21:37:28] [PHP-NOTICE] (/var/www/html/admin/modules/dahdiconfig/install.php:348) - unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 564 bytes
[2014-Jan-10 21:37:28] [PHP-NOTICE] (/var/www/html/admin/modules/dahdiconfig/install.php:348) - unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 564 bytes
[2014-Jan-10 21:37:28] [PHP-NOTICE] (/var/www/html/admin/modules/dahdiconfig/install.php:348) - unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 564 bytes

but, AFAIK, these are just PHP notices nor warnings neither errors.

I’m at 5.3.3-27.el6_5

again no issues and i was able to close the window and the module still showed updated - could have been some fluke - i did just install the last round of updates that have come out since with no issues

i was pretty early that am applying those first updates and just wanted to sound off in case there were any issues

lastly i dont like to see it blamed on a non distro environment without facts - i installed the sysadmin module per the documentation sent to me by schmooze support specifically to address the ability of having access to schmoozecom support and commercial modules - i didn’t realize a commercial module wouldn’t be supported

anyway the system was perfect before the updates and is fine now - it was something i noticed and being a good community remember , shared it

a clone of the system completed all updates including the one that initially had an issue with no problems -


The wiki on how to add commercial modules to a non Distro clearly states its unsupported we can not support something that we do not control all the packages on. It would be impossible.