Latest update hoses GUI interface!

I just updated two freePBX distro boxes with an update that came out this morning.

It screwed up the GUI so now the drop down menu’s are tiny and don’t have a background anymore so it’s almost impossible to read some of the menu items.

This is a old bug that was finally tracked down and fixed we hope in the FreePBX 2.11.

To fix the CSS on your system do the following from the linux CLI

amportal a r

Thanks Tony, that worked great for my local machine, however I have a remote machine as well so I don’t have console access. Is there a way to fix that one remotely?

You have remote web access but not remote shell? That seems very odd.

You don’t have to be physically at the console, you can use SSH client such as putty to obtain a remote shell.

got it. thanks again.