Latest Update Breaks Trunk

I have a very basic PBX installation and just tried to perform an update after getting an email from my server about Cur v. I’ve tried to collect some data that might help. Thank you for your time and appreciate any help on this.

Attached logs were done in this order:
BeforeUpdates_InboundCall.log - Output captured of my SSH session while an inbound call was received and before any updates were applied. There’s a lot of data because I let it run for entire duration of the call.FreePBX Upgrade Problems.tgz (20.5 KB)

ApplyingUpdates.log - Output of my SSH session running yum update and module updates
AfterUpdates_BeforeReboot_InboundCall.log - Output of SSH session captured of an incoming call after upgrade, but before rebooting the system. Everything still working fine at this point.
AfterUpdates_AfterReboot_InboundCall.log - Output of SSH session showing what happened on an inbound call after upgrading and rebooting

After this failed call, I immediately took a copy of everything under /var/logs/* which I still have on my desktop, but have no idea where to start since there are many files. Hoping someone can point my in a direction. Also, let me know what other data you want to see and I’ll be happy to share.

I was able to get the system back in operation by restoring from a recent backup, but now the system is reporting it needs the same updates again.

    -- Executing [[email protected]:1] NoOp("PJSIP/anonymous-00000000", "Received incoming SIP connection from unknown peer to 15402221234") in new stack

For some reason, inbound SIP INVITEs from Flowroute are anonymous and not identified with a configured trunk. I don’t know what might cause that from just doing a simple upgrade unless perhaps, a module remained uninstalled after the upgrade completes.

Thanks for your reply. So could I determine if this is the case by doing
fwconsole ma list
before and after the upgrade and compare the 2 lists?
Does it also make sense that when I do a restore to get the system running it causes the system to report modules need to be updated again? In other words, is the Full Backup restoring configuration data as well as application binaries?

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