Latest Sangoma s Series Firmware


Not sure who needs to know this and/or if this can potentially be an issue.

I downloaded the latest firmware for the S705 from the official Sangoma site. It appears to have an extra period at the end of the version number.


Product Model	S705	
Firmware Version	BOOT-- 13:37:00)
IMG-- 19:08:00)
ROM-- 19:08:00)
DSP--9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)	

You can also see it in the UA

[[email protected] ~]# asterisk -x"sip show peer 222" | grep Usera
  Useragent    : Sangoma S705 V3.0.4.78.

(cc: @malcolmd)

Side note: When will the latest firmware be added to EPM?

re: the trailing dot, that was a mistake. We don’t think it’ll cause any trouble with the operation of the phone.

w.r.t. EPM, I can’t speak to that; it’s usually not too long. The phones QA group has to clear something out before the EPM team does their work and clears it.


We pushed it by one client via EPM custom firmware, so far so good. They actually said that there’s an improvement in the handset speaker. (headset they didn’t notice any difference)

Endpoint Manager FW bundle 1.63 release has the latest S series firmware.

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Thank you, @kgupta1!!

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