Latest iso vs upgraded one

What’s the final difference between install freepbx from the latest ISO available and use an older (months) ISO updating all modules and “yum update” ??
Thank you

Well one will do a new install and one updates a current install. But generally a new version of the ISO will contain all the updates between it and the last ISO so people don’t have to do months of updates for a new install.

Ok but, does an updated installation contain ALL the same components of a new installation ??
Does one end with the SAME latest-software machine ?

Yes. It does.

:ok_hand: :+1:

Also keep in mind that if the latest ISO was release 2 weeks ago and someone just installs it today. Any update that was released in the last 2 weeks, gets applied to the install. The Distro install process will reach out to the repos for updates.

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