Latest FreePBX/Asterisk update bug

Something broke with the latest FreePBX/Asterisk update and my system is down and out.
Trunks and endpoints down…

I built my system with only IPv4 and used PJSIP exclusively (the IPv4 component seems crucial-see below).
Asterisk 13.12.2

Please see the bug acknowledgement from Asterisk below.

I have four options as I see it:

  1. Reinstall FreePBX with IPv6 support but what happens to my commercial modules?
  2. Remove all PJSIP endpoints and switch to CHAN_SIP
  3. Rollback to previous version- How can I roll back to the previous version?
  4. Wait for a fix- When can I expect a fix?


“Unfortunately though this feature did introduce an issue for some environments (my fault). If an environment has been built with IPv4 only this feature breaks RTP. This was not something that was originally tested but has made us more aware that the environments do exist and to keep them in mind. A fix, contributed by community member Guido Falsi who maintains the FreeBSD port, has been placed into the branches and will be in the next release. If your environment has been built with both IPv4 and IPv6 support (as many have) this problem does not impact you.”