Latest distro and superfecta

I just completed a fresh install of the latest freepbx (v 6.12.65 ) as I will abandon a previous version. Everything works great (and even better) except one thing , which I would love to make work as it is useful and sorry if I post it wrong I thought I would probably find a great soul here who knows right away what the issue is, CID superfecta is causing problems when I click on one of the modules (example opencnam) you get the grey popup to fill in some settings (example : id and password) when I fill these in and then click submit it jumps to a blank page mentioning : {“success”:false} and nothing further. clicking back to check the settings sueprfecta did not save any of the info I entered. This occurs when I wish to change any settings for any other superfecta directory settings. Does anyone know where I should go look to fix this and what I should do ?

Thank you so much (I am aware its not a schmooze module but it did came with the distro and I am hoping someone knows what this error is caused by). your help troubleshooting this is greatly appreciated.
Everything else works and it is a standard install. I did not add any other components.
By the way wonderful work great new version.

Try reinstalling it. This is a pretty heavily used module so bugs usually get noticed. @lgaetz any thoughts

I have seen this error once when I fist started playing with FreePBX 12, months ago now. I never figured out a cause and it was not consistent between systems. The only 12 system I have at my disposal at the moment does not display this issue running FreePBX 12.0.13 and Superfecta 2.11.16.


Oddly had to delete/reinstall it twice


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