Latency Calculation: RTP packet flow

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Hi Team, I am using FreePBX below version,
Asterisk 16.13.0
As Asterisk is a B2BUA, my RTP packet also flows through the asterisk server(unable to reroute using “directmedia” option pjSIP). I am trying to figure out the Latency from RTCP report. My RTP packet is flowing from caller to server and then server to callee, two call events are happening for a single call activity. Hence will the RTCP report shows the latency from caller to server only?(half way).
Please see my network diagram below, and kindly advise.


I’m second guessing you here but asterisk has support for homer (HEPv3) you might want to implement , better metrics than just rtcp

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RTCP is between Asterisk and endpoint, so the latency reflects that and not end to end.

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