Large Log Files

I’m seeing the following log files building into 100s of MB.

  1. core-fastagi_out.log
  2. freepbx.log
  3. freepbx_security.log
  4. full
  5. queue_log

Curious to understand how are you dealing with them & which log files do you open up and check for issues?


How big of a system do you have? I have a busy 300 exten, 75 queue system and my full files are around a gig each so interested to see the outcome of this.

You can adjust /etc/logrotate.d to reduce the number of days of logs your system keeps.

My system is very small.
10 extensions, 5 queues, 150 calls per day.

Are there any log files which you review for any issues?

Depending on the issue, you may review one or all of these logs.

I would start with

you can familiarize yourself with what each file is logging and what and when they log. A good start would be

multitail /var/log/asterisk/*.log /var/log/asterisk/full

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