Large chunks of phones going Unreachable

I have a customer with around 450 IP phones spread out over various sites which are all connected via fiber and thus on the same LAN. Periodically throughout the day, 30 phones will go unreachable for 3-5 minutes and then register again. This morning almost all the phones went offline for 5 minutes. The system stays online the entire time, with no sign at all that the system is overworked. It does not correspond to any one making programming changes. Network issue?

Addition - Using pjsip extensions. Even phones in the same building as the phone system drop offline and then come back. Phone brand doesn’t seem to matter as both desk phone and cordless phones are going unreachable.

Asterisk 19.8

Sounds like a network issue.

agreed , follow the sip options - someone isnt responding or if they are responding it isnt making it

sngrep will give you a good live view from the pbx perspective

Server -
Phone -

Options from server to phone seem ok


However I’m also seeing this at the same time.

It’s sending options to an unknown@sip server, maybe over time those build up and dumps those extensions?

What is being 'NOTIFY’ed" (drill down)

You need to resolve your addresses , both and exist in non-routeable address spaces, so it is likely a self inflicted problem,look very closely at 7050

The Notify appears to be tied to a BLF key for parking lot 82 and 83


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