LAN SIP registration vs WAN SIP registration

I have a newly installed FreePBX system sitting behind a NATed firewall. I forwarded ports UDP/5060 & UDP/10000-20000 to the internal IP of the FreePBX.

When my soft-phone is configured to access FreePBX internally, it registers just fine. When I configure the soft-phone using the WAN ip address, it times-out.

Is there any NAT specific configuration on FreePBX, that would prevent SIP registration by default, if the system sitting behind a NATed firewall?


Extension advanced settings > Nat = Yes.
Same under Settings > SIP Settings.

When I edit an extension, it doesn’t have any NAT settings. I think it’s because I am using PJSIP extensions. Besides that, these are the NAT related settings I found and configured.

Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > NAT Settings: Shows my “External Address” and “Local Networks” as they should be.
Chan SIP Settings shows NAT enabled
Chan PJSIP Settings doesn’t have any NAT options
Seettings > Advanced Settings > SIP nat is set to “yes”

well I must have done something right, because now the extension registers.

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