LAME for WAV to MP3 conversion

Hi ,
I need to use LAME for the MP3 conversion but its not installed.
Tried yum install LAME with no success.Seems that LAME is not in the Freepbx Repo.
What is the best way to install LAME ?

What about an OPUS encoder? Open source and much more efficient than MP3.

sox >= 14.4.2 can read opus files

will exemplify how to encode to opus format with opusenc (decode with opusdec) then pipe the output into/outof sox as appropriate.

But seriously wav49 is about as good as it gets with most codsecs, if you have g722 or opus end to end then perhaps it would be worth the effort . . . .

If you do that you will need to edit voicemail.conf and app_voicemail.c (not easy :wink: to use mp3 or opus or concoct a externnotify=yoursript
to suit., if it is for monitored calls then the same for any gui thing, probably forget the gui and use the post call recording script to convert and send stuff.

This is in the Sangoma 7 distro. Just FYI

Is it an option in distro 7 to send mp3 as an attachment for voicemails, or are you saying that sox is included, or both?


I am saying that LAME is included in distro 7

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