L2TP/IPSec Tunnel

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I see that FreePBX has VPN Server setup in Admin > System Admin > VPN Server. That’s not what I need.

I would like to setup an L2TP/IPSec tunnel between our cloud based FreePBX VPS and our corporate edge router/gateway.

I do not see anywhere in FreePBX to do this, although I suspect the Support VPN sets up a tunnel.

I notice that ipsec-tools is not installed. (yum list installed | grep ipsec is how I tested.)

If anyone has already done this, I’d love to hear what worked/didn’t work.

An IPSec tunnel would best be done between the underlying operating system in your VPS and your corporate edge router. This is not something supported directly in FreePBX. (FreePBX does have a VPN Server, but that’s using OpenVPN, not L2TP/IPSec.)

Before the VPN built into FreePBX, L2TP was the “go to” method for securing an Asterisk server. It’s probably been 15 years since I looked at it.

@jsmith and @cynjut, that helps quite a bit. I’m not looking to bend space, so I’ll just use the built in OpenVPN.

Is this something I should configure from the ssh CLI, or is there a module that I should be setting up the OpenVPN connection through?

I don’t mind RTFM if anyone knows where this is documented, but I could not find anything.

The client end is often in the phone or the router, you just need to"import" the generated .ovpn file

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