Kudos to Philippe and all the FreePBX team

For the past day, we’ve been dealing with a potentially dangerous situation here in Vicksburg. ( See: http://tinyurl.com/vicksburgwaterline).

So I’ve been getting requests like “We need extra phones in the EOC”, “Can you make the City Engineer’s phone ring at the on scene command post”, " Forward the main PAO line to the EMA Director", etc.

Suffice it so say that all of these requests as well as many others were easily handled with FreePBX.

As of this time…we still have water as crews work to stabilize the pipe.

One other thing we did was a recorded info line so citizens can get the latest update. (601 801 3443)

Again thanks. You’ve made me look good!



thanks for the Kudos (on behalf of everyone). Looks like this would also make a really good case study.

If you feel like taking a dab at writing up your experience as to the crisis, what it required wrt to communications needs, what you configured on the fly to help enable the management of the crisis, the updating to the public, etc. And how you were a hero in the end! Sounds like it would make a good blog post.

If interested, go for it and I’ll update your account so that you can blog and get it out!



I’ll write it up…


The Blog Entry is Ready…What do I do with it?