Hello, we have FreePBX
We need something like KPI for our call-center operators.
Say, a client calls into call-center and one of our operators answers a call.
Then, after hangup, an SMS should come to the client with request to rate the operators support.
This ratings should then be accessible for our management in a form of reports.
How can this task be atchieved? Is there any modules for this in FreePBX?

There is nothing with the automated sms functionality you describe. You would need a SMS vendor (Twilio, SMS Factory, 382, Sangoma SIPStation, etc.) to send the actual SMS. The SMS results could be complied and reported out on, but this is something you would need to figure out with the vendor and capabilities they offer.

You can use FreePBX to trigger an event (like sending an SMS through a SMS vendor) after the call is over. An easy way to do this is with the FreePBX Queues Pro module from Sangoma.

NOTE: the wiki below is DOWN at the time of posting this.

Even with the module, you would need to write a custom dial plan to point to (that provides the customer number and signals the SMS to send). You can do your own research and ask others to help evaluate your code as you go on these forums. If you need something in a more timely manner, there is a JOBS section in this forum to engage with experts.

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Many thanks for your answer.

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