Kind of black list and incoming numbers from outside. 2 Questions

hi guys.

This is my question.

I want to prevent users to call 0906 numbers( Sex hotlines) and 0900 nummbers( game numbers)

i am running a up2date asterisk with FreePBX in a flash

how to do that.?

2nd question.

To call outside you must dial a 9 and then the number.

but when a number from outside calls. i want to forward that call to a extension that i have made.

Can somebody help me?

That would be handled in your Outbound Route. I believe that you would have to set up all of the exchanges that it is okay to dial and leave the others off. Not the best…

You could also use Route Passwords. A bit of a pain though.

I see what you want though, and it makes great sense. Should be an option. I would recommend requesting it in the PIAF Forum Wish List…

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