Keyboard Settings for Command Line Interface / SSH

I’m looking for a way to change the keyboard settings in the CLI.
It is horrible to search for a lot of keys.
I think Sangoma Linux is based on RedHat.

export TERM=vt100

should get you there

Sorry, doesn’t work
Layout is still English

pretty sure VT != vt

Ok, that’s better :smiling_face:
But the layout is still Englisch

Come on it’s a linux locale thing …,

export LANG=??

It will fix keyboards and grammar a la linux, it won’t translate anything not in that locale

That’s something you need to fix at the client end. If you have a QWERTZ keyboard, it’s the client system that has to send the code 0x5a over the SSH link when you type an upper case Z.

ok, I found a solution.
The FreePBX runs on a HyperV.
I opened the terminal via Hyper-V-Manager: English keyboard
I opened the terminal via Putty: German keyboard

Thanks for your help

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