Kernel for Ryzen Cpu support

Try to run latest Freepbx 14 distro on gigabyte-ryzen system.
Gigabyte GA-AB350M-HD3
Memory Corsair DDR4 2666Mhz.
I had trouble installing the ditro ,which i resolved by updating the bios.
Now freepbx is installed but it randomly freezes/hangs all the time.
Googling around i find that number of people had experienced similar issues and the solution turned out to be to install centos 7 with kernel version 4.12 and above.
Is there a possibility in near future that the Freepbx distro has this kernel version. ?
Or should i go for another mb and cpu ?

No success at all.
I need to know if someone has succesfuly setup a pbx with Freepbx and a Ryzen cpu ?
Please help
Thank you

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