Keep same extension anywhere


I’m new to Asterisk.

We have three locations. At each location we have a PBX server based on AsteriskNow (managed with Freepbx

Each location has its own SIP extensions.
Ex: Location A --> PBX A --> 1xxx
Location B --> PBX B --> 2xxx
Location C --> PBX C --> 3xxx

We have site-to-site connectivity using IAX2 Trunks + Outbound Routes.

How can I keep the same extension everywhere ? Means, if I have may own SIP extension 1000 defined on PBX A, I want to travel to location B or C, and I want to be able to register the same extension (1000) with PBX B or PBX C, to be able to receive and make calls normally as if I’m in Location A.

Appreciate any assistance.



I dont think this will be a great idea to create all the extensions on each PBX.

When searching i came up to something called DUNDi, but there is no clear steps on how to configure it from freepbx GUI.

Need some help.


Setup ALL extensions on all systems