Keep outgoing caller ID for External queue call

FreePBX I have - since this was the best way I could figure out how to do this, if there’s a better way, I’m all ears - I want my pbx to ring a SIP desk phone, a wifi cordless Sip phone, and my cell phone.
So I set up a queue. Incoming calls go right to a ringall queue, with the members being the 2 extensions, and the cell phone - 1NPANXXXXXX .

The SIP phones show the caller ID of the person calling, but the cell phone shows the CID of my PBX. Is there a way to pass the CID to the cell phone?

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Do you have permission of Caller ID overriding via your provider?
(In a general world, “No”)

I don’t know… I use flowroute. Let me try - changing caller ID on an outbound call and see.

Yep… Changed in extension Outbound CID “Some Name” and it worked…
Or do you mean ‘actual’ permission as in I need to ask flowroute and get permission?

With using what type of trunk dial your cell phone?
I mean when you dial a cell phone number with a PSTN line, you can’t override caller-id. Because caller-id is fixed on these services.

I’m using my flowroute SIP trunk.

There has to be a way to override it - I can override it if I call direct, so I don’t see why I can’t ‘change’ it when a call is made from the queue…

Anyone? Any suggestions?

Do you set any CID for outbound route, yes? I think you can define other outbound route for this particular number and don’t set any CID for this.

Other option is using virtual extension and set follow me for it, then use this extension instead of mobile number.

You should ask your provider if they have this option available. Usually you cannot set the callerid to any number that you want due to regulations against fraud.

This is Flowroute, they allow it. You don’t have your trunk setup properly.

sendrpid = yes
trustrpid = yes

Those need to be set for the system to keep the Remote Party ID to send it out for calls like this. Otherwise you are setting the RPID from your extension or system.

Ok, thanks, I’ll give that a shot. For the trunk I still put in my CID under Outbound Caller ID? (It warned me when I removed it), and keep CID Options as Allow Any CID?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, changed that in the trunk, but still shows the CID of the flowroute. Is anything specific needed for the queue or anything else?