Keep original DID from Inbound through Ring Group and Misc Application to Destination Trunk?

I am using FreePBX to bridge two different VoIP systems and its worked great so far. Now I have run into an issue where adding addition Trunk capacity between these systems has resulted in me adding more Trunks to the FreePBX configuration. I know this is not ideal but its the only way that one of the VoIP systems supports.

All calls ANY ANY were previously routed to this VoIP systems single Trunk. Now I have to route it using a Ring Group to multiple Misc Apps that point to two separate Trunks.

This seems to be working acceptably except the outbound from the Ring Group that goes through the Misc Application seems to lose the DID of the original call. So the receiving VoIP system does not receive the original dialed digits like it once did when simply sending the Inbound Route directly to the Trunk as the Destination.

Perhaps I am doing this wrong but I was unable to find any other way to get Inbound Calls route out two different Trunks. There absolutely seems to be a need for it either for Failover or Call Distribution.


One kind of dirty hack might be to add prefix/suffix digits to the call as it passes through your “middle” system, then parse it out when it reaches your “end” system.

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