Keep getting endpoint notifications

I keep getting a ton of these and similar messages on my install. Brand new install all updated, only has 3 extensions and all phones are producing similar messages. Phones are Sangoma S505s.

Endpoint '1002' state subscription failed: Extension '*992*14*1002' does not exist in context 'from-internal' or has no associated hint

I’ve reset phones to factory defaults and had them auto provision from the server and they’re still getting these messages. Where can I go start troubleshooting my install? I usually use Digium phones and this is my first install with Sangoma phones and EPM

By default the phone has a bazillion BLF setup with all the phone apps. This causes the phones to attempt to subscribe to hints that do not exist.

*992 is phone app hints. I do not know which phone app 14 is off the top of my head. The 1002 is the extension with the button programmed.

To clean this up go into your endpoint manager template and remove the apps you are not using from the line keys.

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Yes, that took care of that. Thank you!

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