Kari's Law - how are we going to comply? It becomes effective 2/20/2020

When a 911 call is placed from a multi-line telephone system, a notification must be sent to on-site personnel, alerting them to the emergency. The notifications to an appropriate contact can take the form of phone calls, visual alerts on a monitor, audible alarms, text messages, and/or emails.

I understand that the PagePro commercial module handles this as far as notifying other extensions via multicast page, or by calling a group of extensions and joining them to the call, initially muted. If they want to speak, they press ‘1’ to open their microphone so they can talk.

What if the site wants to notify the security desk with silent notification, such as a screen pop, or test message?

What if this is a school and they want the local jurisdiction to be notified?

And now that Ray Baum’s Act section 506 had been adopted in a ruling by the F.C.C., what is the best way to implement the requirement that “the street address of the calling party, and additional information such as room number, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party”?

What are the minimum legal requirements for existing customers, and for new installations?

What are the potential liabilities for organizations who do not address these new requirements?

What about remote locations registered to the PBX?


While these are all valid questions, this has been covered by releases from the FCC. See my post FCC Imposing New 9-1-1 Rules for Multi-Line Systems it has the links for the docs the FCC sent me on this.

I’m going to be honest here, if you are a company that will be hit by this because you install PBX or offer voice services then you need to deal with this through proper channels. Trying to make sure you’re in compliance by asking questions in an OSS project forum isn’t the best practice for something like this.

Get a provider who will do E911 with room numbers etc and email notifications. Voipinnovations is one. They have supported this for 4+ years.


I second this, but in sippy’s defense, there is a tie in with the PBX of choice and in this case FreePBX. FreePBX supports sending an Emergency DID for E911 purposes and for endpoints located in specific places, you would need a DID that is sent to 911 that includes specific location information. VOIP Innovations can do this and they will also send alerts directly from their system so it doesn’t have to be dealt with by the PBX. Other features, such as paging and text messages can be configured as desired, but you really want the telco and/or trunk provider to handle the alerts IMHO.

There are pros and cons; maybe you want both. For example, if the internet connection is down but security or reception is alerted locally, he can run to the victim, call 911 from his mobile, start CPR, etc.

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