Just can´t get started

Hi Everyone,

Let first start off with thanking all who make opensource work.

I´ve been trying to set up a PBX for 4 days now, and it just wont work.
I´ve tried al production and beta distro´s from Asterisk and freepbx as well.

With the asterisk distro´s the freepbx admin isn´t there, so no possibility to set things up.
With the freepbx distro I ended up with a login for asterisk, but can´t find the default loginname and password.
And at point 13 where I should be able to login into the freepbx admin, things get halted, as the files aren´t there.

I did manage to get it working with a all manual install, but as it takes that much time an knowledge of linux, it sounded easier to just use a distro.
While testing, this installation got totally busted, so a new installation was needed.

So i know that I want to get it working, but find it strange that the easy way distro´s dont end up for me.

Some advice is highly appreciated.

There is no default login and password. You are prompted to create them when you install the distro. The login and password are whatever you entered when you did the install.