Just attempted upgrade to 14 and failed

Version 10.13.66-22 to 14(SNG7) failed when I followed this URL: (removed as I’m a new user) Upgrading+from+FreePBX+10.13.66+to+SNG7

Almost was successful but on final I have several unsigned modules and the main problem an error “Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255” and could not apply config. Also did see from the console some php sql errors (attached screenshot)

Searched and found many cli commands to attempt to fix but no luck.

I have my pbx running in ESXi so I reverted to my prior release for the time being. Saved a snapshot so I can quickly switch back to continue troubleshooting. Wife wanted to use the phone :slight_smile: so it was better than being in the dog house.

Any assistance would be appreciated, I’ve been delaying the upgrade and now that I’ve seen 14 I’d really like to get there!


That error said that MySQL wasn’t started. I’ve noticed a couple of people haven’t had /etc/my.cnf.rpmnew put into place (it should replace /etc/my.cnf) which causes that, and I can’t understand why (the script explicitly and deliberately moves it into place!)

After you move it in place, reboot the machine (or just run systemctl start mariadb) and then ‘fwconsole start’ should get everything up and running.

I’ll check that but the GUI showed the green check next to the MySQL - see the second screenshot I uploaded.
The errors I saw was php errors reference the sql connection refused.

I will certainly try your suggestion and reply with results.


If SQL is down, then you won’t see ANYTHING on the gui, it’ll just error. You implied the screenshot was after you rolled back, so that’s what I took it to mean.

If the UI is working, everything else is working!

Web UI worked fine after install. Could not “apply config”
Kept getting error 255


This is the version that I have running after upgrade script. Still can’t apply the config.

Also alot of signature issues with the modules.

I tried fwconsole ma refreshsignatures but that didn’t seem to work in the GUI even when all the sigs returned “good”. . I also rand fwconsole chmod to see if that would help but again no good.

I also ran the post install script and that didn’t work.

Should I still give the sql DB suggestion a try?

You’re not seeing the error that retrieve_conf outputs, for some reason. Run it from the command line manually( /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_conf ) and you’ll see the error. At a guess, it sounds like there’s some module that wasn’t cleaned up correctly.

OK, will do thank you for the tip. Will reply back with the result.

Also found your bug ID FREEPBX-16312 - will check db to confirm.

Also ran fwconsole r --verbose and that didn’t provide anything.

Thanks again,

Thank you for the tips!

Was able to find that OSS Endpoint (endpointman) had to be removed, Endpoints and Restapps installed

Looks like I’m good now!

[[email protected] ~]# /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_conf
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function FreePBX\modules\endpoint_apiApp() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/restapps/Restapps.class.php on line 1281
Unable to continue. Call to undefined function FreePBX\modules\endpoint_apiApp() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/restapps/Restapps.class.php on line 1281
#0 /var/www/html/admin/libraries/Composer/vendor/filp/whoops/src/Whoops/Run.php(383): Whoops\Run->handleError(1, ‘Call to undefin…’, ‘/var/www/html/a…’, 1281)
#1 [internal function]: Whoops\Run->handleShutdown()
#2 {main}

[[email protected] ~]#

All is now 100% resolved and confirmed working!

Thank you!

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