Just an observation

I was a Nerdvittles Contest winner a while back. I won entrance to the
1st ever FtOCC. While it wasn’t exactly free, I really (let me repeat,
really) have nothing to complain about. It was a cool event. Having
been there continues to be rewarding to this day, mostly in the quality
of the friends I’ve made along the way.

Having said that, I noticed trixbox no longer lists FtOCC "Graduates"
on trixbox.org which means 1) Time to take FtOCC off my signature and
2) I can add to this to reasons I no longer install trixbox.

So, very soon I am off to Charleston and will witness the first Open
Telephony Training Seminar and I have a really good feeling about this
event. Sure the geekfest aspect will be great and the schooling will
probably (if I can take it in) increase my IQ by 10 points or so.

It is the chemistry of possibilities that make this seminar is so intriguing. Maybe a little like Startup Weekend only VoIP centric. Oh, and pretty much the antithesis of FtOCC.