Just a shoutout and thanks and kudo to the devs for the backup/restore function

I had a VM of FreePBX 13 that I had a lot of custom stuff in it for CHAN_SIP connections to a Cisco 2800 acting as a gateway, and so on. This was my home PBX system that I use for doinking around on it has 14 extensions on it. I’ve been putting off and putting off migrating it to a newer version due to the worry about having to spend all afternoon copying and pasting configs from the old system to the new system. Anyway finally I had the time for this so when I got started I thought “what the hey I’ll just try the backup restore and see if that works”

Ran a backup on the FreePBX 13 system, FTPed the backup file to my desktop system, logged into the FreePBX 16 system, uploaded the backup file, ran a restore, restore completed, shut down the old system, changed the IP address on the new system, rebooted it, and volia - everything worked out of the box. And as a bonus, the old system is still there, can be archived and put away in storage.

New system is on an ESXi 5.5 system, old system is on an ESXi5.0 system.

Phones are mix of Polycoms and Cisco ones running enterprise SIP.

Thanks folks, I know that you had to do a lot of work to get that to be usable for a migration update.

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