Just a Restore FYI, v13 to v15

Just did another backup-restore to a new box from v13 to v15.

Both old and new boxes were brought fully up to date, modules and RPMs and the Backup/Restore Module on both were brought to Edge. (v15 box already had the latest module).

Everything went smoothly EXCEPT I had to (again) manually setup voice mail for all extensions. Not critical, but the module is getting there. Maybe there is something in v13 that won’t allow a voicemail/extension setting restore to v15?


As far as I can recall, this is the only vm restore issue, and is marked as resolved:

Looks like VM settings were not restored, were the voicemail recordings restored?

Lorne, no recordings are being saved. Going to email only then deleted.

And, I too thought that was fixed. Something bounced.


Okay. Open a new ticket pls and include output of:

fwconsole ma list

Keep the original backup tarball in case it’s requested.


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