JsSIP and Asterisk

Hi ! I would like to create a phone app with flutter using dart sip_ua ( = jssip).
So my UASettings are :

My web sockets is working, the connection is established but the server send me a 401 sip code and a 403 sip code (unauthorized then forbidden). I’m connecting with (“ws://xxx…xx.xx.xxx:8088/ws”); I don’t know why because Asterisk support WebSockets and I enabled http server. I’m using FreePBX GUI to configure asterisk files. My password and username are good. I just want that the device registers on Asterisk. I don’t know what can I change … Someone can help me ?

I have already a iOS app than can registers on Asterisk et make calls (it works), I used pjsip with swift. For this app I’m using JsSip( sip_ua) with a dart package. I don’t know if there is a difference between these two library.

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