Jabber error message and cannot make outbound call

Running FreePBX 12.0.13 and 5.211.65-21.

Suddenly I see the following error occurring approximately 9 times per second:

[2014-12-02 13:31:14] WARNING[1976] res_xmpp.c: JABBER: socket read error
[2014-12-02 13:31:15] WARNING[1976] res_xmpp.c: Parsing failure: Hook returned an error.
[2014-12-02 13:31:15] WARNING[1976] res_xmpp.c: Parsing failure: Invalid XML.

I don’t know anything about Jabber and can’t see any reason I would begin to get these messages.

If this has anything to do with Jabber, I cannot dial out. I get a fast busy signal and the SIP message is 603. It looks like this message is coming from the PBX.

The phone sends an INVITE message to the PBX, the PBX answers with a 100 (TRYING) and then sends the 603 (Declined) back to the phone.

If I had to guess, I would say that these issues began after I upgraded from 5.211.65-19 to 5.211.65-20 to 5.211.65-21 using the sysadmin module.

I don’t think Jabber is related to the outbound 603 problem.

I deleted the Google Voice account under Connectivity and the Jabber messages seem to have stopped. However, I still cannot make an outbound call.

I am sorry to have wasted everyone’s time with this.

Yesterday I took advantage of Cyber Monday’s prices at Schmooze and purchased a few modules. One was Extension Routing.

I looked at the Asterisk dialog for the conversation which was getting a fast busy signal. I noticed that it said something like ‘restrictedroute’. I googled this and suspected my configuration somewhere. I looked at my only outbound route and saw that by default all extensions were BLOCKED! Are you kidding me?

So I dragged one of the blocked extensions to the Allowed Extension box, saved and applied the config, and magically things are working again.

It’s too bad the purchase of a module is not accompanied by an installation/instruction pdf.