IVR WSOD -- High Memory Usage

Hi all, just joined the forum.

I use a combination of FreePBX’s Conferences and IVR features to have many standing conference lines with a single point of entry (IVR). For each of my conferences I have an entry in an IVR. The list is ~100 long. Unfortunately I’ve already tried using the “Allow Direct Extension Dial” option in the IVR but this seems to only work for users NOT for Conferences despite them having a valid extension.

After exceeding some arbitrary number of entries, the page to configure IVR gave me a white screen of death. By looking at /var/log/httpd/error_log I was able to see that a memory limit had been reached. Raising the memory_limit from 256M to 512M allowed me to load the page without issue, although I’m concerned that I’ll run into issues again when adding more entries to the IVR.

My best guess is that this high memory usage is caused by the fact that the object “theForm” showing the IVR entries preloads all available options for the drop down menus (i.e. ALL Announcements, ALL Conferences, ALL Users, etc.). Would upload screenshots of this but looks like I’m not authorized.

Obviously memory is a finite resource and I can’t allocate all memory to PHP. Barring any fundamental changes to the way this page is loaded, is there a better way to create such a large IVR (i.e. some form of *_custom.conf?)

Thanks for the time!

You could manually crate your IVR in extensions_custom.conf.

In your [ivr-n] context should be an include line

include => ivr-n-custom

you can add your conferences to that context, that should allow direct dialing of conferences just like an extension