I need create a IVR with PIN CODE, in other words, when I dial the number, the IVR number to require the password before sending the message. I need to create this in Elastix.

Can anyone help?


How i create a custom dialplan? Can you help me?

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You may want to use the ivr destination as the pin code. So instead of setting the destination to, say, 4 you set it to 232425, and require the user to enter the pin as the destination. Or, you can just create another ivr that prompts for the pin, again, as a destination.

Moshe Brevda,

I want create a number (ex:2345), for when I march this number, the IVR asks me " What is the PIN CODE", I dial the PIN CODE (ex:1234) the IVR confirm if this code is correct, if is correct, the IVR give me my message, if this code isn’t correct give me the message " PIN CODE WRONG" and the IVR hangup the call.

Can you help me?


As I said - have 2345 point to a second ivr who’s only option is 1234. Change the prompts as you please

The problem is when I create a Ivr with a message " enter pin" and I select the IVR option where I write that if someone dial 1234 transfers to IVR " PIN CORRECT", but isn’t very safe because if I dial “2” the IVR give me the message immediately “wrong code” without putting the other numbers, so it is not safe…

You understand?

Your right. I guess your going to need some custom dialplan