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I would like to create an IVR with custom destination. I want email to be sent with chosen extension after people call the ivr number and choose a specific extension. I red about custom destinations and modifying /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf. But I don’t understand, how it should look like exactly? What I have to write in the custom destination’s target example?

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There are a few examples of this in the forum such as this thread here:


Thank you your answer! I tried the above context, but it doesn’t work for me. In the logfile I get the following error message: Attempt to reach a non-existent destination for Gosub: (Context:send-email, Extension: s, Priority:1). I ran the ‘dialplan show send-email’ command and the context appeared. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. Can you help me, please?

We would need to see the dialplan you’re using and a call trace of a failure. Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

Thank you, the problem solved! There was a space between the target parameters.

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