IVR with caller ID verification

Good day.
I need to do the following:
A person selects an item in the IVR and passes the number check. If the number is on the list, it goes further. (IVR → (ex.) Num.8 → Check if number allowed → Next IVR)

I am using dynamic routes for this.

Problem: Phone numbers are stored in ActiveDirectory.

I can connect LDAP, get all the necessary numbers and synchronize them with the contact manager. There is an item Allow Phonebook and CM Callers in the AllowList Module settings,I enabled it, but I can’t check for this parameter in dynamic routes. This only works if the number is manually added to AllowList

Can you please tell me how the query should look like in this sheet? I tried like this and it doesn’t work.


Also I found that it is possible to check numbers through pinsets. It works, but I couldn’t think of a way to sync the pinset and ActiveDirectory.

Thank you

Maybe someone will need it.
I solved this issue with a script that copies phones from userman_users, erases all extra characters from number (basically it’s a +) and adds them to pinsets (in the password column under id 1).
Now the second option works for me.

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