IVR treats 10 as 1

Hi !

My asterisk support person is away on vacation. Today i noticed that when someone presses option 10 in IVR …he is taken 10 option 1 recording

i know this has happened in the past. Would appreciate help.


I think the IVR will take only 1 key press. But, with 10 options, who listens long enough to get down to 10?

You should really keep the options to 5 or less. Put yourself in the caller’s perspective. Would you REALLY listen to a 1 minute IVR menu?

By that time, you will probably forget what option 4 was.

I’d try nesting the IVR’s In other words, The first one breaks it down to broad categories…1 for sales, 2 for service, 3 for whatever.

Below those you may further define the call.

Or, you could take the most critical options and place them in the 1st IVR and then as the last option “Press 4 for more options”.

This is really just food for thought, but you really need to get away from a 10 selection IVR.


Thanks Bill…agree with what you said about too many IVR options…will work to cut those down to 4.

I do need help with 10 for now …it has worked fine for last 2 yrs except for a few hiccups.

Look here:


for the parameter “featuredigittimeout”

Try increasing it to 1500. If that works, you might want to reduce it by 100 ms increments until it fails then add a couple of hundred ms and leave it there.

Not sure if this will help, but it’s worth a try…


Try pressing 10#

Don’t think that will work…I think the problem is that the IVR is triggered as soon as the “1” is hit. There is no opportunity to dial the “0”.


i found /etc/asterisk/features_general_custom.conf totally blank.

Yep. It probably would be blank if you’ve not done some custom stuff. Sorry I didn’t think of that!

Try opening the file and add this:

featuredigittimeout = 1500


Ok…i was wrong…it seems my asterisk guy made changes so that caller has to dial “0” to get to IVR that was previously associated with “10”…where can i make changes so that this IVR works when someone presses “10” instead of “0”

thanks very much

In the IVR setup.