IVR to Inbound route destination

I have an IVR which is working.
I would like to have an option where the caller can go back to the root (initial) IVR after being in a sub IVR. I set Digit to 0, Destination Inbound Route, Default. But Freepbx give me an error that it is an invalid destination.
I do not want to route to a specific IVR by pressing 0 as I want to obey time conditions (closed/open).

Specific example call flow -
call in
inbound route any did/cid goes to
time conditions
greeting open or closed IVR
press 4 for fax number and address IVR
Press 1 to repeat fax number/address, or Press 0 to return to the main menu.
Now back to inbound route any did/cid
time conditions

Why don’t you point it to the same time condition as you pointed your inbound route to?

Right now, I do have it set to go to regular hours time condition.

I guess I should rethink my inbound route and it’s time condition.
I have two time conditions, regular hours ( open m-f 9-5), and closed all day.
If we close for holiday or some other reason, I just change my inbound route to closed all day. It was easy to toggle. I suppose I could add a condition in regular hours.

You can add the holidays to your time condition, or you can use the “override” settings to set the time condition to “closed”. This way, you don’t have to do any manual changes to the configuration of the system to override the time condition.

I’ll look at the override condition.

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