IVR to hold?

Understand that I’m new to PBXs.

I’m trying to imitate an existing PBX, which is going mostly well, but I’ve hit a snag. Simplified a bit, calls should go from an IVR to a ring group, which works, and if there’s no answer, either to voicemail or to hold.

So it seems like a second IVR is needed, one with options for voicemail and… That’s where I’m stuck. A queue? Parking? I’ve set up Parking, but don’t see any options to transfer calls to the parking lot. Or do you just use the extension of the parking lot (70 in my case)? The Ring Group’s destination with no answer doesn’t give an option for an extension of 70 (or 71, etc.).

What am I missing?

If you want callers to wait until someone becomes free to answer, that’s a queue.

Cool. Thanks.

Whoa! That’s a lot of options. Time to roll up my sleeves.

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The majority of the options can be ignored, depends on how fancy you want to make things

Indeed, they can. Lucky me.

Just for anyone who stumbles onto this thread: The queue worked easily. With a few static agents, the ring strategy set to ring all, an appropriate maximum wait time, and a voicemail extension as a failover destination, everything is working to our expectations. The music is perfect for holding too.

My hang-up was thinking in the old PBX’s terminology, which used ring groups. FreePBX’s queues allow for something like a ring group, but with a lot more flexibility, and a better experience from the caller’s perspective. Wrapping my head around queues was well worth it (and wasn’t that hard).

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