Ivr timeout less than 10 seconds not followed

I have an IVR with the timeout set to 0 seconds and 0 retries but after the announcement is done there is a 10 second delay. I have set the timeout to other values but it is alway a minimum of 10 seconds. A timeout of over 10 seconds does get followed though. How can I get this to be 0 seconds?
Output from full log when it happens:
[2014-05-15 15:46:24] VERBOSE[18167][C-0000003b] pbx.c: – Executing [[email protected]:10] WaitExten(“SIP/620-00000077”, “0,”) in new stack
[2014-05-15 15:46:34] VERBOSE[18167][C-0000003b] pbx.c: – Timeout on SIP/620-00000077, going to ‘t’

Asterisk version 11.9.0
FreePBX version
Installed from AsteriskNOW distro