IVR Send to an extensions voicemail

Been looking around, and topic I find want to do complex things to send it to voicemail.
I just want “On timeout, send to this phones voicemail, do not ring the phone, just go to voicemail”
I see I should send it to *101 (101 is the extension) but there is no option for that.
How do I do this simple thing?

Voicemail should be available as a destination for the Timeout. On the next line you choose the desired extension / greeting.

Only option I seem to have that is remotely simmilar is “Voicemail blasting” no just simple “voicemail”

Not sure where you are checking but send to VM is definitely an option for a destination in the IVR.

Not in mine…
However I THINK I may have resolved it with a misc destination of *101 I won’t be able to properly test it untill I have things working properly. I am not fighting with time conditions not working (Another thread)

Are there any existing voice mailboxes in the system already setup?

I am actually not sure what controls that option being available in this drop down. It’s always been there for me when we went to set things up.

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