IVR routing to extensions on a remote asterisk server


Is there an elegant way to have an IVR route direct dialled extensions to a remote server?

We have an Asterisk server at HQ and a remote one tied through an IAX2 trunk. The remote site has a group of extensions 4800-4899 than can be dialled from HQ extensions using normal outbound rules, but if you dial into the IVR and key, say, 4800, the extension is not recognised as it’s not setup locally.

Hope that makes sense!?


Take a look at This IVR Article first as it may give you ideas. The simplest way to do what you are asking would be to include the specifc route to those remote extensions in a custom context that includes the outbound route to those extensions. The issue you have today is that the context name can change for outbound routes if you make any changes to the ordering of the routes. There are ways to overcome this but they are a bit tricky.
However, if you have a fairly static route setup, and remember the issue, this would be adequate.
There are also some more sophisticated solutions people have done using dundi for the remote extensions, in which case they just include the dundi route.
BTW - the best place to implement the custom context is within [ext-local-custom] since that would be included into any IVR where you have checked the include local extension box.