IVR registration problem

Hello there,
I need your assistance.
I’ve made a virtual call centre with free PBX and I’m having problems with IVR registration.
Very often when I’m trying to make a call the records that i’ve put in are buzzing and they’re not fluid at all.
The quality of the calls, by other end, is not bad I must say.
In your opinion what is making this problem?

Best regards


Depends on how you record it. You can record locally and upload the files manually to produce a better recording. You could also look at using TTS services to provide consistent recording quality.

Do voicemail greetings also sound bad? Do system recordings such as voicemail instructions sound bad?

Are you recording the IVR announcements by phone, or preparing them externally and uploading them? If the latter, you will get best results by converting externally to a mono .wav file at 8000 Hz sample rate. Before uploading, listen to it with your audio editor and confirm that it sounds good. If recording by phone, report whether other such recordings e.g. leaving a voicemail also sound bad.

If you still have choppy or noisy announcements in the IVR, please provide some examples so we can hear what’s wrong. Ideally, we should have the original announcement that you uploaded, a recording of the call made by FreePBX and a recording made with a microphone next to the calling phone’s earpiece. Also, a general description of the system (devices, trunks, etc.) would be useful.

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