IVR Problem


I am experiencing some issues with the IVR. It does not my recording but when I dial 8111 it works. My logs say incoming is working but i hear nothing.

Hi, please only post 1 copy of your question. I deleted the duplicate post for you.

I also do not understand your problem, please try to stay it clearer, explaining your system type and what you are trying to do. List every step you took that does not work.

i have record IVR in wav 16 bit format and upload in freepbx but the problem is that if i call to voip from my cell phone i do not hear any voice or IVR then i dial the extension of the person it works.

My problem is IVR I do not hear IVR please tell me the problem.

Make sure you have format of the recoreded messages correct. As a test, record a message with the built in system recording facility.


I have upload the same file with system recordings file is uploaded and save the file but the problem is same i have copied this file and paste in to the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds. if i call to PSTN from my cell phone PSTN is connected to my server i do not hear any IVR recordings then i dial my voip number its working.
I do not hear any IVR Format is also ok i uploaded the file and save it.if i click the icon of the sound it is also working well./

I have only one line of PSTN and i want to connect VOIP and FAX both on this line VOIP is Connected and is working condition but how to connect fax on this line.
I have 4 port FXO gateway and 1 PBX server.if FAX and Voip Connectivity is possible.please tell me how to connect .

i want your answer please.