IVR options not working


Wondering if anyone can help. We are running the free pbx trixbox system and for the most part is spot on.

The problem we are having is the majority of customers calling and reaching our IVR when they select an option regardless of what it is doesn’t work. They will eventually be pushed onto the main queue after timeout which is not really ideal for a very busy recovery company trying to effectively manage a large volume of calls.

This fault/error would only appear to be effecting our customers calling from landline numbers…?!?

All our routes, queues and voicemail all work fine as well as any other extras and features.

Any help appreciated as system installer is not very helpful at the moment.

Just to confirm, are you absolutely certain that DTMF is working from landlines -> SIP extensions?

Is your gateway a Zap channel, or SIP trunk?


I have put this info back in the hands of the system installer at the mo to see what they say.

Thanks to all so far.