IVR Options do not change when moving between sub-IVR's

Hi all,
I just installed the latest FreePBX version and so far everything is great, except one small problem.
I created several IVR’s and some of them re-direct to other IVR’s. The problem is that when you move from one IVR to the next, the options remain for the first IVR.
Thank you for calling, press 1 for employees, press 2 for robots, press 3 for aliens.
When you press 1, it takes you to IVR2
Press 1 for bob, press 2 for joe, press 3 for mike
when you press 1, it takes you back to IVR2 (employees instead of bob)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been using Elastix for several years and never had this issue before. This is my first time just using FreePBX by itself.