IVR option with DISA + Direct dial

I’m looking to have an IVR option that will use a DISA to directly dial a specific number.

Let’s say I have a need to call +1202-202-2022 often using DISA I wish to have a direct dial option that will connect through the DISA without having to type in the destination number.

Do you really want to authenticate in that case? Maybe all you want is to relay to the destination, which I believe is a fairly straightforward misc destination case.

Actually you have a point, the IVR extension in itself can serve as a de-facto PIN without further authentication.

Question now is how I create that MISC destination using a specific trunk?
Create new outbound route with dial plan ?

You are right. Just create the Misc Destination with the desired number and set it as the destination for the IVR option. The call will go through as it would normally do according to the outbound routes settings.

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