IVR not working at all

Hi, I have been trying to install an asterisk pbx based phone system with cisco 7940 phones for the last couple of weeks, and I have finally gotten everything working beautifully except for IVR. I have been trying everything to make it work and i can not. I have tried uploading my own recordings, recording them myself on the actual extensions, but nothing is working. I set my main DID to go to the IVR through inbound routes, but when I call in I get silence for 21 seconds than the callcentric guy says the person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. When I set the DID to go to specific extensions it works no problem.

Nobody is going to help you with a post like this.

As we have said 100 times before if you want help you must:

1 - Post your FreePBX and Asterisk Version
2 - How was the system installed (a distro or scratch)
3 - Log capture at time of failure (if posted in message use the [code]tags[/code] or put up a link to pastebin.ca
4 - Any configuration information

I’m on Asterisk 1.8 installed from a clean CentOS 5.6 x86 on a Dell PE 6650 server, It has FreePBX installed on it as well. Not quite sure where a log would be for this, I have never used any kind of os besides windows, and haven’t ever used asterisk before, but if you can point me where the log file would be I will post that asap. What kind of config info? there is a lot… specifically the config for what specific part? Thanks…

If i’m missing some info, just tell me! I am desperately trying to get this working but I can’t!!