IVR not answering, goes to voicemail


I’m going to admit that I’m no pro at this. I’m hoping I’ve overlooked something simple.

I have the Centos 6.5 64bit AsteriskNOW with FreePBX installed. Everything works well, except I cannot get the IVR to answer, meaning, it just keeps ringing and goes to voicemail.

-The inbound route is set to the IVR destination
-I can dial the IVR by extension and it picks up and works properly (responds properly to dialed numbers).
-It is recorded in the correct format (tested with 2 recordings).

The real problem here is that it just does not answer. Everything else works as it should.

Any help or things I could check are appreciated.

Is the problem affecting just the IVR, or all of your inbound routes not working?

All of my inbound and outbound routes work flawlessly. The only problem I’m having is that when I set an inbound route to go to the IVR directly or indirectly via the IVR’s extension (which I can dial directly and it picks up and works flawlessly) the call just rings and rings and rings and eventually goes to voicemail.

I just thought of something though. I’m trunking Google voice for all of my lines at the present. Could that be affecting it? Additionally, the voicemail that picks up is the GV voicemail, not the PBX’s - but that is what I intended originally.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Plan for an alternative, your google stuff will all stop working very soon :wink:

You mean in 3 months? Please, let’s stick to the topic. Unless my current trunking selection is related to my IVR issues, it’s not relevant to discuss it here.

Christian, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. It could very well be the Google trunk and getting another one to test is very valid.

You also are using Asterisk Now, not one of our distro’s and failed to provide the Asterisk and FreePBX version number. Also logs from the time of the ringing condition and sip show channels, motif show channels, core show channels would all be helpful. Please post in fixed pitch font so we can read all this output.