IVR message after selection

We use the IVR to route people to a support queue. We also have a DID set up for the queue so that people can dial it directly. I’d love to see a feature on the IVR configuration that allows a “post-selection” message. Today we tell the direct number by configuring a join message to the queue. It is a bit annoying to people since they get that message even if they dial the direct number. I’d like to configure the message to be played at the IVR level after the selection.

It seems like the way this would be implemented in the dialplan is to add a playback just before the goto statement. I’d modify the extensions_additional.conf but it will just be overwritten.

I’m sure the ivr table may have to be modified as well to include a flag on whether to have a playback or not…and then the function that writes out the ivr portion of the conf file.

Comments? I could take a stab at some of the modifications with a little help.