IVR menu is missing on brand new install


I just did a fresh install of and I started to configure and I realized there is no IVR menu item in the freepbx admin area.

Any ideas?



Install the IVR module from the modules menu. If it’s already installed but the submenu is still not shown, contact trixbox and ask them to test their ISO’s before they release them.

Aaaahh… my bad… I have an old 1.2 install and just created a new server. I was expecting everything to be installed right away… but now I see how the module system works. Thanks for your help!

heh :slight_smile: No worries.

I just did a fresh installation of while configuring it and I realized there is no IVR,follow me,Ring group menu item in the freepbx admin area.Can anyone help. Thanks

I assumed that these modules were installed as well. But they are not.


i doesnt have those buttons!, and i need it -_-…, pleas, somebody can help me how to install it? (IVR,follow me,Ring group).

Please read the entire thread…


I have the .gz but i dont have experience in linux…, can somebody tell me the commands that i need? please???

DarkStorm007, Please re-read the very first reply carefully. you don’t need to download and upload anything.

in a statement similar to “use the force Luke”, use the modules menu DarmStorm007.

is there any solution for missing ivr from 2.6.0 some alpha edition or is it better to install old version