IVR keeping line open

As anybody come across this, calls in to and outgoing the pbx work fine on analouge (sangoma a200) they hang up when the caller hangs up, on SIP the IVR stops when then caller hangs up but on the analouge card it keeps the line open for over 10minutes after the caller has hung up, altered the timeout settings etc but cant find a reason why.

Latest Distro.

Confirm that on an incoming analogue call, Asterisk really does disconnect when the caller hangs up. Usually, the called extension would also hang up, which would cause Asterisk to disconnect the call.

I know nothing about the A200, but if your PSTN lines indicate disconnect by dropping loop current, you should configure the FXO port appropriately. Otherwise, Asterisk will have to detect the “disconnect tone” pattern sent from the central office. Settings are in indications.conf and vary by country. You may find http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Telecommunications/IP_Telephony/Q_26485204.html useful.

IMO it’s unlikely that the problem is directly related to the IVR.
Please make a test call to an analogue incoming line, and route the call to an extension. Have the caller hang up, with the extension user still on the line. Confirm that the call disconnects correctly. Does the extension user hear any disconnect tone as the call disconnects? If so, then the A200 is not detecting a loop current drop. If your telco does drop loop current on disconnect, configure the card to recognize that, which will fix your trouble.

Otherwise, repeat the above test, but have the extension user keep talking, with minimal pauses (simulating the IVR prompts) while the caller hangs up. If the call now fails to drop, that indicates that echo from the called party’s speech is interfering with disconnect tone detection. You may be able to fix this by adjusting the disconnect tone parameters, or by changing gain or echo canceler settings.

If the call drops correctly even if the called extension user is talking, sorry, I don’t know what may be wrong; perhaps another member will have a suggestion.

Analouge lines work fine, when the caller hangs up the card does.

The problem is when the inbound call is directed to an IVR for an out of hours message, when the caller disconnects the IVR is still holding on to the line.


I have tried your suggestion and the card is not detecting hangups on a normal call, have you had experience in this as i have tried everything on the sangoma website.

If you use the Sangoma installation script, then for low level diagnostics:-


might help. For general setup:-


Tried all the disconnect supervison tips i can find, Sangoma A200 works fine hanging up when a caller hangs up on a normal call, but we have introduced a IVR for out of hours. When the caller hangs up, the dahdi channels seem to remain open for about 5mins before sending them to voicemail extension which records the disconnection tone and then silence.

This only does this with the IVR all normal calls wotk fine, thats the puzzling thing.

Just to add as i have just tried it, if a caller hangs up whilst the IVR is playing its message the disconnection tone is not pick up and keeps the line open. The disconnection tone is a UK tone and its transmitted for about 15seconds after the caller hangs up then silence.

Is there a way to turn on the disconnection tone detection whilst the IVR is activate?


Did anyone get a resolve to this? I am having exactly the same issues.

Please let me know.


We got BT to up the caller disconect time


I’m on the case now. Incredibly difficult to talk to the right person!

Reported it as a fault, then do it straight away while your on the phone